Cape Youth Care




We are an organisation that works with troubled children and to be effective in communities through family preservation.


To assist the families, communities and troubled children by using the strength-based approach. We develop and assist by teaching life skills and enable them to realize their full potential.


  • We value our staff and approach each task with professionalism.
  • We are committed to a level of excellence.
  • We treat our families and children with dignity and respect.
  • we encourage and develop children in families by assessing their strengths.
  • We foster healthy relationships with our partners and stakeholders.
  • We base our beliefs on the Christian faith, but care for children of all faiths.

Cape Youth Care, 4 Bye Way, Pinelands, 7405, Cape Town, South Africa
Phone: (021) 531 6524 Fax: (021) 531 6580 Email: Cape Youth Care